Three Reasons to Consider Hiring a Product Liability Lawyer in Chicago

If you have ever been injured while using a defective product or product that is too dangerous in its design, you are probably eligible for some compensation. This is a very unique case that can be hard to prove in some cases. Have you considered hiring product liability attorneys in Chicago to help you with your injury case? Here are three reasons you should.

1. Negotiation Experience – A big part of getting a settlement from a company is negotiating the price. You likely have zero experience with this, especially if you are doing it against an experienced corporate negotiator. Product liability attorneys in Chicago have the experience needed to negotiate a great settlement.

2. They Understand Time Limits – Each state has different limits when it comes to the time limit in which you can file a claim against a product. Your lawyer will not miss a deadline for filing any paperwork associated with your claim. This is something you may mess up if you are not experienced.

3. Trial – In some cases, your claim against a product may have to go to trial. This is a situation that you definitely do not want to go alone. Hopefully, you already have a lawyer. If you don’t, hire one before your court date.

These are three great reasons you should hire an attorney if you are injured while using a defective product. There are a number of experienced lawyers at Shea Law Group standing by to help you with your claim. Get started with them by visiting their website.