Having a Hard Time Getting Approved for SSDI in Charlotte, NC?

Social Security Disability benefits are some of the most difficult benefits to acquire. Getting approved for these benefits takes a village, and you should have a Social Security disability attorney from Charlotte, NC in your “village”. There are many valid reasons for doing so.

Seventy-Five Percent of All First-Time Applicants Are Denied

Most people don’t know or even realize that 75% of all first-time Social Security Disability applicants are denied. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that many of these applicants should qualify based on their diagnoses. If you hire a Social Security disability attorney from Charlotte, NC, you have a much better chance of being approved for your benefits than if you apply on your own.

Sixty Percent of Applicants Are Denied on Appeal

If having to wait six months or more for your first application seems insane, consider the fact that 60% of all applicants on their first appeal will also be denied. That results in another three to six months of waiting to hear if you will or won’t be receiving benefits. Most people end up with their homes in foreclosure or on the street waiting to hear if they have been approved. Unless you have an extensive amount of money sitting in your savings account, you would be in the same boat. A lawyer can push these proceedings through faster so you don’t have to wait as long or suffer the loss of your home.

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