Questions to Ask Your Lawyer in Paulding County About Child Support

You are going to be talking to a child support lawyer in Paulding County, and you want to do your best to be prepared. Asking the right questions should help you feel ready to take on what lies ahead.

What Is It Supposed to Cover?

A good question to ask your lawyer is what child support is supposed to cover. Knowing this should help you understand how important this battle is and what kind of money is on the line. Child support lawyer in Paulding County is supposed to cover basic living expenses for you and your child, like food, shelter, clothing, school expenses, medical expenses, and expected living expenses.

How Is the Amount Calculated?

This is another good question to ask your child support lawyer in Paulding County. The amount depends on things like your child’s age and his or her medical needs. The courts are also going to take a child’s personal development into account. Making sure that these are accurately evaluated is part of what a good lawyer helps you do, and you can learn more about us by visiting the site. Income levels of both parents are taken into consideration as well as financial background, among other things.

Can Changes Be Made?

Another question that is important to ask is if it is possible to change the amount set by the courts. The answer is yes but only under the right circumstances. Sometimes, the courts grants modifications if someone loses a job or if the child has new expenses that were not taken into consideration before, such as a more expensive school.

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