The Importance of a Child Custody Attorney in Sheboygan, WI When the Other Parent Petitions for Sole Custody

Decades ago, it was more common for one parent to have exclusive custody of children after divorce, and this was usually the mother. Fathers were allowed weekly or twice-monthly visitation and the kids lived with mom full-time. She may have also been granted full rights regarding important decisions for the children. A child custody attorney in Sheboygan, WI can provide representation for a parent dealing with an ex-spouse who is petitioning the court for that type of custody arrangement.

Possible Reasons for the Petition

The other parent likely has specific reasons for the petition, and the reasons may have nothing to do with the ex-spouse’s behavior. That parent may want to move out of state, for example, which would limit the possibilities for in-person visitation or shared custody. A child custody attorney in Sheboygan, WI may need to provide representation in court for the parent who wants to block the petition for sole custody as well as the intended move.

People can have many other reasons for wanting exclusive decision-making rights regarding their children. The parent may have made a drastic change in religious beliefs and may want to have the kids become members of this faith-based organization, while the other parent disagrees. Mom or Dad may want to enroll the kids in a boarding school in another state or a strict private school that the other parent is not comfortable with. The ex-spouse may feel vindictive because the other parent has become engaged to someone else.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Family court judges typically do not want to grant this type of custody arrangement unless it is in the best interests of the children. Nevertheless, when the case is heard in court, it’s essential to have an attorney from a firm such as Roth & Basler for legal representation. The individual who has petitioned the court for sole custody will no doubt have a skilled lawyer in his or her corner. The other parent needs effective legal counsel as well in case the ex-spouse plans to make unfounded accusations about bad behavior or negligence. Click here for information about this particular organization.