The Lemon Law Protects You From Driving Home in One

You’ve been waiting and waiting, and probably saving and saving, and finally got into a new car. Congrats! Such an exciting time! Except, when it isn’t. Except, when your new car is a lemon. Don’t settle for anything less than the car of your dreams. Delaware Lemon Law protects you from being stuck with a clunker of a car.

What is Delaware Lemon Law?

Lemon Law was put into place to protect people when they feel they have bought a faulty or defective vehicle. The Lemon Law doesn’t just protect new vehicles, it also applies to pre-owned or used vehicles as well. However, the vehicle cannot be sold as-is, it needs to have been sold with some type of warranty. In some instances, the law also extends to consumer products or anything that could be purchased with a warranty.

Is it expensive to open a case?

We don’t believe you should have to incur any more costs after already dealing with a faulty vehicle. The dealership or manufacturer will be responsible for your attorney fees. If, for some reason, we do not win your case, there will be no charge. One thing we know for sure, it’s too costly to risk not trying. After all, it can get incredibly expensive to have to make continuous car repairs.

What do I do if I bought a lemon?

Your first step is to call Krohn and Moss Consumer Law Center. You can contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-875-3666 for a free case review. Our attorneys know the law inside and out, something that’s extremely beneficial going up against huge car dealerships that may have been in this situation before. We know how hard it was to realize your new dream car was a lemon, but we’ll make sure the dealership makes it right.