Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg, WV, to Represent You

When you have been charged with and arrested for a crime, you have the right to retain legal counsel to represent you. Before you go to court, you need to have a lawyer on retainer.

Rather than take your chances on representing yourself, you can present the best case in your defense by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Martinsburg, WV, to represent you. These reasons are some to compel you to make a phone call to a skilled lawyer today.

Safeguarding Evidence

Your attorney can move quickly to protect all evidence in your case. Some evidence like biological samples or video surveillance is time sensitive. They can be compromised or completely destroyed if your attorney waits too long to subpoena them.

Your lawyer can notify the labs and law enforcement agencies that he or she needs this evidence safeguarded. The evidence can then be sent to the law office or court for your case.

Establishing a Sound Alibi

When you are not guilty of the crime, your lawyer can help establish an alibi that proves that you were somewhere else when the crime occurred. He or she can obtain records like surveillance footage, ticket stubs or eyewitness statements. This proof could put you somewhere else away from the crime and help establish your innocence.

You can learn more about hiring a criminal defense attorney in Martinsbsurg, WV, to represent you today. Contact Sherman Law Firm.