Suppressing Evidence with Criminal Defense Lawyers in Mankato, MN

Without evidence, it’s impossible to prove someone committed a crime. Evidence can take many different forms. However, before it can be used in court, it needs to be lawfully obtained; otherwise, it may be possible to have the evidence suppressed. Those who have been arrested will want to speak with criminal defense lawyers in Mankato, MN to see if this is possible in their case.

How Can Evidence Be Lawfully Obtained?

There are various rules that dictate how evidence can be obtained, many of which can be complex and difficult to understand without experience. With evidence in a vehicle, for instance, the evidence needs to be in plain view or needs to be obtained through a legal search. For the evidence to be lawfully collected after a search, the search needs to be done with permission or based on probable cause.

How Can Evidence Be Suppressed?

Evidence can be suppressed through a motion with the courts if it’s determined that it was unlawfully obtained. A lawyer will know how to do this to ensure the judge agrees to suppress the evidence. Once the evidence is suppressed, it cannot be used in court, which means it cannot be used to prove someone is guilty of the crime they’re being accused of committing.

What Happens If Evidence Is Suppressed?

If evidence is suppressed, it cannot be used in court. At this point, there is less evidence that the arrested person is guilty of the crime. This can make it more difficult for the prosecution to obtain a guilty verdict, so it could lead to the prosecution dropping the charges. If this occurs, the arrested person will no longer be facing a criminal charge. If the prosecution does not decide to drop the charges, the person could still have to go to trial. However, it is less likely they’ll be convicted with less evidence against them.

If you’ve been arrested, speak with one of the criminal defense lawyers in Mankato, MN right away to get help. They can review the evidence against you to see if anything can be suppressed, which might make it possible for you to avoid a conviction. Visit to find a lawyer or to learn more today.