How to File Bail Bonds in Livingston Parish

Bail bonds in Livingston Parish can be filed by a local bondsman on your behalf. If a loved one has been arrested and a bail has been set, posting a bail bond is a quick way to get them out of jail. The bail bond is essentially 10% of the actual cash bail amount, and it serves as a guarantee that the person who was arrested will show up for the court dates. In case they fail to make their court dates, the amount is seized by the authorities.

Find a Local Bondsman

If you want to file a bail bond, you need to first find a local bondsman in your area. You can search online for private companies that can post bail bonds in Livingston Parish. They are authorized by the courts and will prepare the necessary documentation. For their services, the company charges a small fee as well, so it’s important that you get a full quote first. The 10% amount that is required will have to be paid up front when the bond is being prepared. You will be asked to hand over the case files as well.

Posting the Bail

The bail bond will be filed on your behalf by the bondsman to secure the release of the prisoner. They will have to sign an agreement with a surety as well before they are allowed to leave the premises. The documents must be carried by the released party at all times.