Learning About Felony Charges in Tyler, TX for Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Felony Charges in Tyler TX may be issued after a driver causes an accident and leaves without stopping. The same is true if the person stops for a few moments but leaves without making contact with anyone there or calling 911. If nobody was in the vehicle, the driver is required by law to leave contact information, but sometimes a person takes off without doing so.

Leaving the Scene

All of these actions can be classified as leaving the scene of an accident, commonly called hit and run. Not all hit and run incidents are felonies. Accidents that cause significant property damage or serious injury are likely to result in Felony Charges in Tyler TX if the driver flees the scene. When law enforcement officials gather enough evidence to indicate a certain individual is responsible, a warrant is issued for that person’s arrest.

Aggravating Factors

Aggravating factors can lead to additional charges. For instance, if the police arrest the person very soon after the accident, they may discover that the individual was legally intoxicated. They may see illegal drugs in the front seat, which gives them the legal right to search the vehicle. The person may be a repeat offender in regard to driving under the influence.

Paying Bail

The amount of bail set by a judge for a felony hit and run can be substantial. Even someone with a middle-class income may be unable to pay the required amount, including with the use of real estate as collateral. If the defendant does have the means to pay bail, the idea of dissolving assets for this purpose may not sit well. Although bail is refunded after the case ends, the money can be tied up for a very long time. It cannot be used to pay an attorney or to deal with any type of financial emergency.

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