Legal Options Provide By A Truck Accident Attorney In Brigham City UT

A Truck Accident Attorney in Brigham City UT prepares claims for injured individuals who were involved in a trucking accident. This applies to the truck drivers and anyone in domestic vehicles who suffer injuries. An attorney practicing within this field is familiar with Gridley, Ward & Hamilton standards and guidelines. Within an accident that involves these large vehicles, it is necessary to determine whether the cause related to driver error or faulty components within the truck itself.

Truck Accident Investigation

Standard procedures of a truck accident investigation require that the driver is first tested for drugs and alcohol use, if he or she is at fault. The driver’s log is evaluated to establish whether regulations related to allowed driving times were followed. All documentation related to weighing stations and compliance is also provided by the driver. This information is required by an insurance claim’s adjuster for the trucking company. If the driver is injured, he or she may qualify for worker’s compensation through the trucking company pending the findings from the investigation.

Worker’s Compensation for Truckers

A truck driver that is denied worker’s compensation benefits may require services provided by truck accident attorney in Brigham City UT. The findings from the accident investigation could present evidentiary support for your claim. The investigation should indicate the root cause of the accident. If this cause is faulty components within your brake, motor, or transmission systems, you are not at fault in this accident. The accident is considered a work-related accident and warrants a worker’s compensation claim if you are injured.

The Rights of Independent Contractors

A Truck Accident Attorney in Brigham City UT will explain your rights as an independent contractor within the trucking industry. Although as an independent contractor you may not qualify for worker’s compensation, you are eligible for compensation from the driver who caused your accident. By providing your Truck Accident Attorney in Brigham City UT with the details that relate to your accident, he or she can determine an appropriate course of action. It is within these details that he or she can build an adequate case and file a claim. Contact us today!