Consequences of Failing to Hire a DWI Lawyer in Fayetteville NC

After a person is arrested, they have the option of hiring a lawyer to help them navigate the court system and minimize the impact their situation will have. While it’s crucial to hire a DWI lawyer in Fayetteville NC at this point, there are times when a person will avoid doing so. However, there can be serious consequences if a person fails to hire and attempts to handle the situation alone.

Higher Chance of Being Convicted of a DWI

No matter how much a person knows, there is a higher chance of them being convicted if they don’t have proper representation from a lawyer. They might overlook something that could help their case, make a serious mistake in their own defense, or not know how to create a valid defense for their case. A lawyer can carefully review the case to find out what can be done to help them.

Higher Chance of Receiving Maximum Penalties

Once the person is convicted, they will be sentenced. Without a lawyer, the judge may not be persuaded to offer lower penalties to the person. Instead, they have a much higher chance of receiving the maximum penalties for the conviction. A lawyer is going to be able to work with them to obtain a lowered sentence if they are convicted.

No Advice on Whether a Plea Deal Is Beneficial

In some instances, the person might be offered a plea deal by the prosecution, which will mean they plead guilty to a lesser offense and avoid a trial. This is not always the right option as there could be ways to avoid a conviction altogether. Hiring a lawyer means they have someone who can explain exactly what the plea deal entails and help them determine if it’s a good idea for them.

Do not hesitate to contact a DWI lawyer in Fayetteville NC for help if you have been arrested and charged with a DWI. A conviction and the maximum penalties can have a significant impact on your future. Hiring a lawyer to help can minimize this impact and, in some cases, help you avoid a conviction altogether. Make an appointment to speak with a lawyer today to get the help you need in order to get a better outcome for your situation.

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