Problems with a Recently Bought Car? Find Out About Oklahoma Lemon Laws

Like some other states, Oklahoma does have laws to protect consumers who were duped or told untruths about the car they recently bought. Oklahoma Lemon Laws are some of the toughest on the books. However, consumers need to understand what their legal rights are after finding out that they may have purchased a problematic vehicle called a lemon.

The Lemon Law Process Can Be Lengthy & Complicated

While consumers do not need a lawyer to take advantage of Oklahoma Lemon Law benefits, they may want to, because this process can be complicated and lengthy. A lawyer who is already familiar with the Lemon Laws currently on this state’s law books will have a better understanding of how this compensation program works and can explain that in layman’s terms to their clients.

Why Consumers Have to Notify the Original Owner Before Collecting Compensation

The Lemon Laws were mostly established to protect unsuspecting car buyers from purchasing a vehicle that has a questionable past history or is already known to have expensive to fix problems whether mechanical or cosmetic. These Lemon Laws also work to protect the original buyer as well.

How It Works

Some of these car owners may not have known that the vehicle was at risk for pricey repairs. This gives that original owner the chance to fix things with their buyer first. These owners may then be able to collect from Lemon Laws too. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law CenterĀ® by visiting their website.