Reasons to Hire a Legal Separation Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Legal separations allow married couples to take breaks from their marriages when they aren’t sure whether or not they want to end them permanently. This step often precedes a divorce and many couples get legal separations specifically so that they can have the time they need to nail down custody rights, child support, and the division of property. Read on to find out why it’s a good idea to hire a Legal Separation Attorney in Las Vegas NV even if both parties agree to the separation.

Help Understanding the Process

Although a legal separation does allow both partners to have a break from the marriage, it’s not the same as a divorce. For instance, during a separation period, neither spouse is allowed to enter into a new marriage legally. While there are many similarities between divorce and legal separation and the process is similar, there are also some factors that can really complicate the process and are best dealt with by an attorney.

Active Representation

Most couples agree to enter a period of legal separation more or less as a trial period that gives both partners time to decide whether or not they really want to get divorced. The fact that most legal separations are fairly amicable does not mean that readers shouldn’t be concerned about protecting their rights in negotiations and in court.

Work With the Same Lawyer

In the event that the legal separation does lead to a divorce, the same attorney should be able to handle everything for his or her client. Just make sure to find a Legal Separation Attorney in Las Vegas NV who has experience with other areas of family law, as well. Most law offices that focus on family law cover everything from separations to divorce, child support issues, and more, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Get Help Today

Readers who are experiencing difficulties with their marriages may want to consult a lawyer prior to even filing for a legal separation or a divorce. Contact Pintar Albiston LLP to schedule a consultation immediately or check out their website today to learn more about family law and what to expect during a legal separation. You can also connect them on Twitter.