When to Contact a Homeowner Injury Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

When a person is injured on another party’s property, they might choose to file a lawsuit. While the liability portion of the homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damages, this isn’t always the case. For this reason, any time a suit of this type is filed, the homeowner should immediately reach out to a homeowner injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA. The attorney reviews the facts of the case and determines what steps the homeowner should take. What should the homeowner’s liability policy pay and when will this policy not be in effect?


The insurance policy will typically pay any losses related to the injury. This includes medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. However, the policy only pays up to the limits of the coverage. Any extra funds will be the responsibility of the homeowner. However, this rarely happens, and the person would have to be seriously injured for the homeowner to be held responsible for any portion of the settlement.

What Is Covered

Homeowners need to understand what types of claims are covered and which are not. Claims arising from the homeowner’s negligence are often covered, but there are other situations where the policy may come into effect. For instance, in some states, any dog bite claim automatically falls under the liability portion of the policy, even if the homeowner was not negligent in any way. However, when the injury is the result of an intentional act of the part of the homeowner or someone else residing in the home, the policy will not cover any damages. An attorney can be of great help in determining which category the suit that has been filed falls under.

Navigate to our site to learn more about when a person should hire a homeowner injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA. A person should never try to take on the legal system alone, as there are numerous pitfalls they may not be aware of. The attorney can be of great help in avoiding these pitfalls while building a strong case for the client. For this reason, an appointment should be made today to meet with the attorney and learn how best to proceed. One’s financial future may depend on the outcome of this case, so delays must be avoided at all costs.

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