Driving Under the Influence: Do You Need a Lawyer?

Getting behind the wheel while you’re impaired puts your life and those of the people around you at risk. If you get caught, you’ll end up with a criminal charge. You’ll also be given a hefty fine and may even spend some time behind bars.

When do you not need a lawyer?

Not all car accident cases require the help of a legal counsel. If it’s your first offense and there are no casualties or injuries, then you may not need to get a lawyer. Plus, if the chances of you getting convicted of a DUI are very high, then you probably don’t need a lawyer.

When do you need a lawyer?

However, if the conviction is wrong, you weren’t drunk, or if the alcohol content in your system wasn’t all that high, then getting a lawyer is a must, according to Very Well. An experienced drunk driving attorney in Mayville, WI can negotiate with the prosecution and make a plea bargain on your behalf. A good lawyer can also reduce your sentence. If it’s already your second or third DUI charge, then you could get jail time that could last for months or years. Your lawyer can reduce that sentence for a guilty plea. Also, a drunk driving attorney in Mayville, WI who’s been in the field for years will know how to sentence bargain in a way that’s going to be much more effective than you could by yourself.

How to choose a lawyer?

Pick a lawyer with extensive experience in handling these cases. That means you’ll need to stay away from general practitioners. If you’re looking for local lawyers, consider getting in touch with companies that have a solid reputation for delivering top-notch legal services. Contact QBS LAW SC for more details. If you’re in Beaver Dam, contact 920-885-9266, and for clients in Maryland, call 920-387-2400. You can also visit them on Facebook.