Why You Need an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Whether you have an amicable divorce or a contested divorce, you need an experienced divorce attorney in Maricopa, AZ.

The process of going through the divorce requires attorneys to know every step of the process and all the rules and regulations pertaining to the division of assets during a divorce.

Typically, when a couple gets divorced, anything earned during the divorce is divided equally between both parties.


Retirement is not something many people spend a lot of time thinking about. However, retirement savings can take a hit when a couple goes through a divorce. The money invested in your joint or personal retirement account can be divided between both parties during a divorce.

Each state has laws which determine how the retirement savings and other assets get divided. In community property states, assets acquired during the marriage belong to both parties regardless of who actually invested the money.

The other states use what is known as “equitable distribution” as a way to determine who will get specific assets after a divorce. Under this scenario, the judge will determine the fairest way to split the assets.

Just Get It Done

Many people want to “just get it done” without seeing the entire financial picture. An experienced divorce attorney in Maricopa, AZ will advise you on the different financial issues to help you during and after the divorce. It is never advisable to “just get it done” without considering all aspects of the division on assets.

Some common reasons why people can come up short during a “just get it done” divorce is not considering the entire retirement plan, the after-tax value of the retirement plan, and not enough child support to cover expenses beyond basic child support such as medical, educational, and extracurricular activities.

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